4 Super-Helpful Tips to Maintain Your Commercial Doors

Commercial doors are irreplaceable in the business and industry domain because of their high
practicability and number of upsides. This type of door is specifically made for commercial purposes, and
because of their solid structure, they are strong enough to last decades.
Many environmental factors, such as extreme temperatures, humidity, and weather, negatively affect
both the general usefulness and functioning of commercial doors.
Therefore, proper and adequate maintenance and repair of doors are of the utmost importance as they
impact the overall lifespan of the door. Let’s talk about how you can maintain your door to avoid
damaging the repairs and the door itself to extend its original life expectancy.

Tip #1 — Check for Any Signs of Wear and Tear
Pay attention to the wear and tear of your commercial doors and conduct a periodic inspection. Uneven
wear and tear resulting from continued usage will lead to damages.
Failure to remedy them in time could cause a breakdown affecting the rest of the system, and as such,
the cost of maintenance will increase. After every busy day, try to check your commercial door and if

you see any signs of wear and tear, you should consult with a Commercial Property Door Maintenance
expert immediately.

Tip #2 — Pay Attention to Cleaning and Lubrication of Door Hardware
If your office has  iron doors, always ensure that their parts are cleanly oiled to eliminate noise in the
door mechanism. Above all else, we will also prevent the parts from rusting and corroding. The moving
parts that need cleaning and lubrication are the hinges, latches, bolts, and locks.
At the same time, select the proper lubricant. There is a multitude of options in the market, some of
which are not suitable for door parts. Speak to your door provider so that he may tell you the perfect
kind of lubricant for your commercial door parts.

Tip #3 — Take Some Time to Adjust Door Hinges and Latches
Tighten all hinges, knobs, and bolts, and if needed, adjust them so that the door has a perfect fit in its
frame. This will also help prevent leaks and ensure that the door seals completely when closed, which is
of paramount importance to both your business and employee safety.

Tip #4 — Seal your doors to make weatherproof
Commercial doors, particularly the doors at the entrance, have to be weatherproofed so that any harsh
weather conditions or environmental conditions do not damage them. The majority of commercial
doors have protective, corrosion—and rust-resistant paints. But if you don’t have the time, there’s no
need to worry since a professional door service provider can do it for you.

Final Words
Routine maintenance and timely repair enable a door to work effectively and last longer. We
summarized some great maintenance tips and the right way to fix doors when used commercially. Don’t
forget to use these tips if you want to see the best results in terms of more exposure, productivity,
trustworthiness, and many other ways.